Demo: Malekko Scrutator - Sample Rate & Reduction Pedal

Not often does a pedal come across the Pedals And Effects track that gets bumped to the front of the queue! The Malekko Scrutator demanded we shoot a video as soon as I got it! This pedal is the best designed bit reducing pedal yet! So many reasons but overall, the most synthesizer like bit reducer I have come across and here is why!

Photo credit: Malekko

Photo credit: Malekko

The Scrutator is a bitcrusher in a sense but Malekko added the much needed preamp that drives the pedal into full effect, and added a filter that is controllable by an expression or CVR device. This allows the musician to get real synth like envelopes and heavy crushing sweeps! I really love the size as well, so it will fit very nicely on my travel boards!

This also happened to be our first review where we shot it all ourselves on GoPro's. Thanks to GoPro for hooking up musicians! Our quality has definitely jumped since we've made the switch and we're constantly looking for ways to improve.