Demo: Earthquaker Devices Zap Machine

It's no secret that I love Earthquaker Devices, I'm proud to work with them, and I'm honored to have done clinics all over the world to spread the good word of their innovative gear. I realized recently that some of my demo boards don’t have one of my favorite pedals Earthquaker Devices makes…the Zap Machine! The pedal uses some legit parts, and therefore is exclusive/limited in nature. I wanted to highlight this pedal so I decided to post the review Dan Elkan (of Hella and Broken Bells) and I did of it!

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

The Earthquaker Devices Zap Machine, to me, is an all in one distortion device. The unique array of tones and sounds “allows for different flavors of boost, drive, distortion and fuzz that are not commonly heard from transistor based dirt devices.” It is an awesome drive, it is a killer and dangerous distortion and it is a go for the throat fuzz.

Get this pedal if you can find one, because of the very specific, hard to find components. The germanium transistor and various NOS parts that were integral to the sound were recently found so only a few could be made. The Zap Machine is limited to 350 units and is currently only through It's in stock now! It smokes your ProCo Rat, it kills your Tube Screamer and it can hang with your best Big Muff!

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