12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 11 - Ampeg SCR-DI

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On the eleventh day of Pedals and Effects you have a chance to win an Ampeg SCR-DI!


Ampeg bass amplification is the only bass amp gear I own. I love how their heads sound with straight bass, or even with 40 or 50 pedals in front of them! Either way, Ampeg is about headroom, and tone, so I had full faith in them when they came up with their own direct box/preamp.

The Ampeg SCR-DI isn’t your ordinary preamp as it features Ampeg’s classic intuitive EQ control with ultra-hi and ultra-lo tone shaping, as well as multiple outputs to really get the low end heard in a live mix. The multiple outputs include a headphone out which is great for practicing at home when you want to get a good idea of your tone, but don’t want to disturb your neighbors. Ampeg also decided to throw in their Scrambler overdrive so you can dial in a great dirt sound that perfectly captures that overdriven tube breakup that Ampeg is renowned for. The SCR-DI is great for travel too, as they managed to package all these features into a backpack friendly sized pedal.

Have no fear when you are playing on weak backline gear. Ampeg has your back as, this is the way you can assure that the front of house has the thunder you need at your live shows!


How to win:

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Just click on the link below, follow the instructions and you’ll be entered!