12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 2 - Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run & Transmisser

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On the second day of Pedals And Effects you have the chance to win...an Earthquaker Devices Avalanche Run OR Transmisser. 


Hey guys Nick here, today I'm proud to talk about two of Earthquaker Devices newest and most interesting pedals to date. the Avalanche Run is Earthquaker's first venture into the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) world. So if you already loved their pedals you'll freak when you see what they start cranking out. Lots of sonic delay/reverb exploration to be researched at home with a practice amp. The expression pedal assignment is a jump I'm starting to see a lot of pedal companies making and that's great news, especially because there always tends to be that one parameter you wish you could control with your foot and of course it's not usually the one they've built in. With the Avalanche Run there are six different assignable options. Using the expression pedal with this pedal is really what makes this extra special in my opinion.

The Transmisser is Earthquaker's fresh born wild reverb. It's modulated and has a resonant filter. A first in my row of reverbs on my pedal shelf. The decay is massive on this one. Dialing it back isn't really an option with this pedal and you'll hear why. You're gonna play to the pedal, and that opens up a lot of doors in your playing you may not have considered previously. Something about the way that it grabs your signal and processes it combined with the soft switches Earthquaker Devices are now using makes this a really fun and comfortable pedal to play with. I'm not sure what about that combination speaks to me, it just seems right. 

Both pedals are up for grabs. 


How to win:

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