Demo: Pigtronix Mothership Analog Synthesizer

The Mothership Analog Synthesizer has seen some serious time on my pedalboards.  I've used it from the smallest of venues to the biggest of festivals like Big Day Out. One year at Big Day Out the crew from the band Muse asked me how I was getting the synth sounds that had that big low end.  I’ll share with you what I told them- that low end comes from the sub octave that is the Pigtronix Mothership.  

Photo credit: Gear-Nuts

Photo credit: Gear-Nuts

Also, the ring modulator makes my bass sound like a vintage Moog synthesizer.  I really think any musician would benefit from this amazing pedal- it has so much sound potential that I made four audio clips in this video to show how versatile it is.  In two of the clips, I added the Pigtronix Disnortion pedal.  The Disnortion is a parallel fuzz and overdrive with an octave up option for the Hendrix type Octavia sounds.

I hope you make it to your local music store to check out the insane Pigtronix line for yourself. I’d also like to thank Pigtronix for supporting me over the years! Pigtronix pedals have helped me create all kinds of distinct sounds that ultimately contribute to better live shows and music in general.