Interview: Nathan Latona of Tera Melos - Part Two

We're back with part two of our feature with Nathan Latona! Nathan, Nick, and I continue to walk through Nathan's pedalboard and Nathan gives us a rundown of how he uses each pedal to wrangle in his sound. 

You can definitely see the chemistry between Nick and Nathan and their knowledge and love of pedals and effects. Nathan talks about some of the Earthquaker Devices pedals on his board like his (limited edition) Bit Commander and a Dirt Transmitter that he uses to get P-Funk George Clinton type sounds. We also go over the Ben Hinz designed Big Distortion Sound Machine, as well as an inexpensive, but really interesting Ibanez Sound Tank "Slam Punk" dirt pedal. Don't sleep on these, because the price of them may jump!

Photo credit: Music Go Round

Photo credit: Music Go Round

Check out the second installment of our time with Nathan Latona, and also peep some of those stickers on his board! There's more to come, stay tuned