12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 8 - Source Audio Nemesis Delay

The 12 Days of Pedals and Effects is open to everyone WORLDWIDE. However, neither Pedals and Effects, nor the sponsors are responsible for any lost or stolen items, nor anything held in customs of the country it ships to. 

On the eighth day of Pedals And Effects you have the chance to win...a Source Audio Nemesis Delay! 


The Source Audio Nemesis is an incredibly appropriate name for this pedal, as it may just be making enemies with every delay pedal making company out there! Source Audio took it upon themselves to replicate every great delay ever as close as they come, and on top of that add additional functions beyond any of the replicated delay pedals. And even on top of all of that, Source Audio threw in the kitchen sink with their Neuro Effects System App where you can create, upload, and share your unique delay settings.


The pedal itself features pitch shifting, analog tape, reverse, sweeper, time control, modulated trail controls and the magic "intensity" control - that changes the pedal entirely on what delay setting its on. You want MIDI? You want a bit crusher or a ring mod also? The Nemesis has got that, and it's got tap tempo, stereo, and an expression pedal capability too! While all of these functions and features may seem intimidating, the wizards at Source Audio have made the Nemesis Delay incredibly manageable and easy to use. With a staggering amount of features, if you can dream it, the Nemesis delay can shape it. (Be sure to check out the "nickreinhart" and "juanalderete" pages of the Neuro App!) This may possibly be the "be all, end all" of delay pedals, and it could be yours this holiday!



How to win:

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Just click on the link below, follow the instructions and you’ll be entered!