Review: The Absolüte Würst by Keeley Electronics

When a pedal gets released on April 1st, there is always the potential that the device is actually a joke, but that doesn’t happen to be the case with Keeley Electronics The Absolüte Würst. Picked by Nick Reinhart forPedals And Effects Top Ten Of 2015 list the Würst is actually pretty genius, and quite musical in the hands of the right musician. Warning: this pedal is not for the Mayer-ish blues lick wielding rockers, as suggested here on Pedals And Effects.

Photo credit: Robert Keeley

Photo credit: Robert Keeley

As stated, the Absolüte Würst is a pedal Nick really has an affinity for, and since we didn’t get to do this video until recently we had to make sure it got it’s due on Pedals And EffectsNick really digs pedals that come at the musician at odd angles with weird sounds, and our man is really good at wrangling in just about any over the top noise maker. The Würst is a random harmony generator that tweaks out up on top, and bubbles and burps down in the lower register.

Though the release date created a joke vibe, the Absolüte Würst is for radical sounds that you won’t come up with without the help of a completely and totally random harmonic generator. With the Absolüte Würst, get ready for your musical ideas to exceed your expectations straight into sonic oblivion! Peep our review in the video below.

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