Pedal Review: Mantic Effects Vitriol Distortion

For those of you who are not familiar with Mantic Effects pedals, let me warn you, they are not for the subtle and timid sound designers. Mantic Effects is a go for the throat pedal company that creates effects that can transform instruments into sonic weapons! Mantic Effects are really not trying to reinvent the wheel…they have abandoned the wheel for jetpacks!

Whether its the Mantic Effects Meatbox clone, the Beef Bag or their wild all analog, synth-glitch-fuzz envelope follower The Flex, Mantic Effects are coming at the music world with inventions that could get you kicked out of your band…but not this Vitriol Distortion! It is gonna secure your spot as the bassist with the best distorted tone!

Photo credit: Mantic Conceptual

Photo credit: Mantic Conceptual

Looking at Mantic Effects Vitriol, I have to step back and say this is the most exciting distortion on bass I have heard in years. It seems to have more throaty and grindy tones than any other that have come through 5starr Sound Labs. It takes where most distortions go and adds more gain, tone and sheer focus for the bass guitar.The Vitriol is a high gain distortion with very musical low and high pass filters that make the Moog MF Drive Minifooger sound like a toy effect.  The Vitriol is like the Unknown Russian Distortion mixed with the Sovtek Fuzz with the tonal variety of a Dunlop Bass Wah.

If you want to sound bigger than you favorite sludge or desert rock bassist, get this Mantic Effects Vitriol Distortion. If you want to grind harder than David Wm Sims or Bob Weston, get this Mantic Effects Vitriol Distortion. If you can’t cut through the mix with this pedal, then you might want to sell your bass. I am just saying…