Throwback Thursday: Halo Orbit

The day has finally arrived to master Halo Orbit's debut record. I am so happy, relieved and inspired that this came matter how long it took! How long would you say?

I reached out to suGar and Mark Guiliana back in January of 2012 to make a record in the spirit of a three piece. I couldn't have asked for more capable musicians to do this with. suGar is not only one of my absolute favorite guitarists, she can handle keyboards, is great with engineering and is a dedicated working artist. I never have to wait for ideas or performance takes on our music...she is always right there and on top of it!

Now Mark Guiliana is also like suGar, where he is incredibly capable of writing, playing, handling electronics and is committed to putting out music! We were so lucky to get Mark to join Halo Orbit and he never ceases to amaze me. Check out the first thing we ever jammed on! He is fire!!!

Photo credit: Blue Whale Music

Photo credit: Blue Whale Music

Well today is the day we get to master our record and we are fortunate to have Grammy nominated producer/engineer Daddy Kev do it at his Cosmic Zoo studio!

I can't wait for you all to hear it!