Interview: Tim Lefebvre on David Bowie's Black Star

Pedals And Effects has had the great Tim Lefebvre on before, but I really wanted to bring Tim on again so we could discuss his participation on David Bowie's last studio album, Blackstar. Set to be one of the best records to come out in 2016, Tim was gracious enough to join us once again to shed light on the recording process and more.

tim and juan

I have been a fan of David Bowie my whole life. I saw Bowie headline Dodger Stadium here in LA years ago on the Sound + Vision tour, and I always hoped he would tour again. His performances on Saturday Night Live were legendary and opened my mind up every time. Even my old band, Racer X, covered his Moonage Daydream and to this day, it is one of my favorite tracks recorded by that band.

The other thing I always knew and loved about David Bowie, was that he liked to hire really unique musicians. Over the years, this man utilized players like King Crimson's Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Reeves Gabrels to name a few. So it was no surprise at all that he hired Tim Lefebvre and Mark Guiliana

I know Mark Guiliana because he plays in Halo Orbit with me. Tim and I met through Mark and when we first met we instantly hit it off. Tim is a shredder, having spent time in the Saturday Night Live band and is also the current bassist for the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Tim is the perfect balance of all bass playing. He rips on upright, is an unbelievable sight reader, is un-fadeable in fusion and jazz gigs, and is one of rock's best bassists. He also knows a thing or two about pedals and effects!


Tim was cool enough to come through and share his experience making Blackstar, the gear he used, the jokes that were told during the Blackstar sessions, and I am still in awe and blown away he made this video for Pedals And Effects. He is so forthcoming with insight to the process, and his playing on that record is incredible. Some of the bass lines are his, some were Mr. Bowie's, though no matter how you slice it this is one of the best rhythm sections in the business making really innovative music...the only way Bowie has ever been known to make music.

And now without further ado, here is Tim Lefebvre. Long live the music of David Bowie!