Review: WMD Protostar

Pedals And Effects has been around for a long time, and over the years I have been fortunate enough to develop some great relationships with the builders of all the hot pedals we all love and buy. I have known William and the WMD company for years - it is extremely rare to have a builder come into 5starr Sound Labs hot off the heels of NAMM craziness. Pedal makers hustle big time, especially for NAMM when you have to have the pedal done in time for the show - and all the press/announcements you have to do when it's finished. William and WMD came through to demonstrate a pedal that had barely just been completed and introduced at the NAMM show and that pedal is the new Protostar!

The Protostar is an envelope filter pedal with a CV patch, built in LFO, and multiple filter modes. It is a continuation of the WMD Super Fatman with huge upgrades and obviously more options that include a dry/wet mix, post filter compression, variable envelope control and more!

The video review is extremely involved so if you are really into what you see, I recommend you watch the whole thing. It isn't every day that the builders/designers like Alex and William of WMD will come through and comprehensively walk two pedal nerds like Nick and myself, through a pedal. 

Here is the Protostar and it is sick!

You can purchase this pedal and more at