Review: Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery

Nick Reinhart here, giving you pedal heads my spiel on the new Earthquaker Devices Spatial Delivery. This thing does filter sweeps (up and down) and sample and hold. You're probably familiar with the sweep sound - you can go subtle, or go hard and get wild auto-wah type effects. The sample and hold feature on the other hand - was a sound I was familiar with but never knew the name of the effect or even how to describe it, other than "random sounding." Which is actually fairly accurate assessment, as when you're in s & h mode the filter is controlled by random voltage. Think R2-D2's voice, which was made using this effect but on a synth.

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

Photo credit: Earthquaker Devices

I've spent a fair amount of time experimenting with different effect chains using this pedal and have yielded really interesting results. Fuzzed out drum machines driving the spatial delivery sound REALLY cool (EQD Spires -> Spatial Delivery).

TR 808 samples -> Spires -> Spatial Delivery sample and hold function 👽🗯🆒 -@nickreinhart

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I think a lot of the magic will come out when paired with other specific pedal combos. It's fun trying to match bpms as well. say you're playing a riff or sending a sequence into it while on sample and hold- your tempos probably aren't gonna lock together, but to me that's what makes it interesting. you end up with peaks and bleeps on weird accents which really open up your playing or programming. When i get extra deep on this thing I'll likely end up marking the range knob (which controls the s & h speed) with my favorite tempos/speed locations. 

Another super fun pedal from Earthquaker Devices!

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