Review: Goldilocks Planet Distortion

WMD is in the Pedals And Effects house once again! William and Alex were in LA during the NAMM show, and they stopped by 5Starr Sound Labs and brought their new Goldilocks Planet Preamp/Distortion. From the get go, the Goldilocks Planet gets you that no frills, all crunch distortion. This is a super straightforward distortion featuring not one, not two, but three unique diode-clipping modes!

Photo credit: Effects Database

Photo credit: Effects Database

The switch in the very center of the pedal modifies the sequencing of the circuits (hence, clipping) to produce different tonal results. The middle position is a full on, open distortion. In the up position the circuits are asymmetrical and a little bit louder, switched down you get a more level sound, with less compression. The "Density" knob can really bring out the lows, and give you a full, rich, and beefy sound. If you're looking for more dulcet embellishment on the treble side, work the gain knob with the diodes switched up!

If you want that extra kick, the Goldilocks Planet also works incredibly well as a clean boost. The pedal can also be dialed back just enough to get those sweet subtle amp breakup tones too, in case you wanted to dial it back and get your Michael Jackson funk on. Taking its name from the "Goldilocks Zone" which our planet earth occupies from the sun, where the planet is located in area that's not too hot, or too cold from the sun but just right - the Goldilocks Distortion is just the right distortion. 

Check out our video review where Nick and I run guitar and bass through the Goldilocks Planet - as William and Alex explain the intricacies of the pedal and dial in some sweet tones.