Fuzz Wars: Jonathan Hischke and Scott Shriner of Weezer

Here is a Fuzz Wars installment featuring Jonathan Hischke of Dot Hacker and Scott Shriner of Weezer as they review four pedals that are still in production and can be easily purchased from their respected manufacturers.  This video features three of Scott’s favorites, Dwarfcraft Devices’ Baby Thundaa, Wounded Paws Effects’ Battering Ram V2.1 and Wren And Cuff’s Tall Font Russian.  We threw in the, Arc Effects’ Big Green Pi which, like the Tall Font Russian, is a Sovtek Big Muff clone.

Scott and Jonathan could not have been more honest in their opinions or reactions to the four pedals presented here.  I love their candor and insight but mostly, I love the sense of humor they brought to the Fuzz Wars series.  We could have hung out all day long and maybe, someday, I can use some of the unseen footage for a blooper reel!

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb


Thanks to Scott, Jonathan, Dwarfcraft Devices, Wren And Cuff, Arc Effects and Wounded Paw Effects for their commitment to great pedal designs.

All of these pedals and more, are available now on Reverb.com