Review: The Gjengangar by Pladask Elektrisk

Here we go with the hardest pedal to pronounce - it is the Gjengangar by Pladask Elektrisk! This is a delay with some cool features you don't always see on a delay pedal. The Gjengangar has a gate for the delay, a feedback looper and effect blender. It seems Pladask Elektrisk has thrown in a lot of thought in building a better beast and this delay comes with a whole lot of innovation. 

The Gjengangar offers a dynamic feedback control with the possibility to regenerate any other effect pedal on your board through its delay unit - as well as your standard delay options. Usually, you have to have a separate pedal to do effects loop routing. Not the Gjengangar! And one of the best things I have read on a pedal manufacturer's website is where Pladask Elektrisk recommends you "get knowledgeable, read the manual linked below." I mean, hell yes!

So, without further ado, here is the Gjengangar gated delay by Pladask Elektrisk  not to mention the super tight effects loop too!