Review: Landscape HC-TT Human Controlled Tape Transport

This is Pedals And Effects and we cover all things pedals and effects! Since today's review - the Landscape HC-TT is neither an effect, nor a pedal, I feel this contraption needs some verification on why we would feature it. Number one reason is because you can create sounds with it independently and still effect the results with pedals and effects! It's an instrument unto itself!

Photo credit: HC-TT

Photo credit: HC-TT

I first saw the HC-TT on Instagram when sound engineer extraordinaire Ben Vehorn of Earthquaker Devices, brought my attention to this device. This is a machine that can take a cassette and let you, the user, manipulate the speed of the audio recorded on the tape via your hands. Seems simple and useless, but it is actually genius and very musical like turntables.

Landscape provided me with a couple of cassettes and one loop cassette. The loop cassette is the real gem here, because you can change the direction of the tape - make it go backwards and forwards. So whatever is recorded on the tape, can really be pushed into wild sonic boundaries in either direction. *PLEASE NOTE-LANDSCAPE ONLY PROVIDES ONE REGULAR CASSETTE. NO LOOP CASSETTE COMES WITH A PURCHASE OF HC-TT. THANK YOU...Juan

There is also a blue switch that is a momentary mute for transforming the audio, and then the most important part...the 1/4 inch outs that can plug into other pedals and effects!

You can purchase this and more at!