Demo: Earthquaker Devices Pitch Bay

When I receive a pedal that fires me up and keeps me in my studio a few extra hours, I have to make a video for it ASAP just to let you all know what I found.  The Pitch Bay by Earthquaker Devices is one such pedal. Earthquaker Devices is the most prolific pedal maker out there and their creations are blazing a path that has yet to be matched.  This Pitch Bay is another genius design because it is not your usual pitch shifting device, it is a three part polyphonic harmonizer and distortion generator!

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb

I am blown away with the Pitch Bay’s ability to make your instrument sound freaky, synthetic, and thick; all while keeping the harmonic structure musical and engaging.  Hear the pedal’s effected sound in this video and you will hear possibilities, as I did, and create music you have not heard yet!  The gain is a nice addition to this pedal, giving a new gritty dimension to a pitch shifter.

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