Tour Wrap Up: Juliette Lewis And The Licks 2016 European tour

I am back from Europe in one piece! Despite bringing home a cold, I am stoked on how great the Juliette Lewis And The Licks 2016 European tour went. Not only did she assemble a great band, she brought it 110% every night...and I mean every night. I came back so inspired by her commitment to excellence.

I feel Brad Wilk and I did a damn good job for her as her rhythm section. Brad is so easy to lock into. We had no clicks...he just is solid as hell and his groove is money. I love his hi-hats and what he does with them. It makes me light up!

The two guitar players in the band, Nick Maybury and Todd Morse, couldn't better compliment her music. Nick, aka The Ripper, has the skills to rip solos and create huge landscapes while Todd is the anchor to the entire musical background. He holds it down and sings great. I love all of these dudes!

Now Juliette is just 100% legit on the mic as a performer, and as a person who cares about her fans. She is generous, charismatic and most of all, an absolute amazing front-woman. Watch her Hard Loving Woman documentary via Red Bull for free and see how much she gives to her show.

l'll be back in Europe in 3 weeks doing festivals with Juliette so if you are over there, come catch our set. We bring the rock!