Pedals And Effects 101: How to Wrap Cables

Class is in session! We have all been there. You are either being rushed on stage, or being yelled at to get off stage, but you know in your head you have to take care of your cables. Don't do what I do and just stuff your cables into a bag or case. It's bad for the cables, and bad for you the next time you have to grab those cables. Do what Nick Reinhart does and wrap your cables right!

Photo Credit: Gear Nuts

Photo Credit: Gear Nuts

Not sure how to wrap your cables properly? Well here is Nick showing all of the Pedals And Effects viewers how we wrap up our Mogami cables. As an additional plus, Nick shows you how to wrap up your fifty foot power cables via the contractor's wind.

We are looking out for you all, we got your back. Pedals And Effects is in your corner. Mogami cables is in ours.

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