Review: WTF LOUD BUTTON Distortion/Low Frequency Oscillator Review

I have to admit, I get very excited every time I see the UPS, FedEx or USPS truck come rolling up my street, because it usually means there will be a new pedal coming for Pedals And Effects! Take, for instance, the other day, when I heard the familiar "thud" of a box being dropped on my porch (which I swear makes me feel like it's the holidays!). It was Loud Button's WTF Distortion/Low Frequency Oscillator, packed along with a hand written note (nice touch!). So of course I got to work because the whole point of Pedals And Effects is to share information on every kind of effects pedals out there with all of you! 

Photo credit: Capitol Guitars

Photo credit: Capitol Guitars

I took the pedal to my studio, 5starr Sound Labs, and discovered that it is a very interesting take on a distortion pedal.  I set up my camera and just let it run so anyone who might wonder how I go through a pedal when I first receive it can see the inspection without edits.  This pedal provides very tight distortion but it also has really deep, low end that is being delivered from the low frequency oscillator.  I have a couple of other fuzzes and distortions that do this but the WTF Distortion/Low Frequency Oscillator could be more valuable in the studio because of the gate on it, which allows the user to tighten up the noise factor.

I want to thank Loud Button for looking to me to review their pedal. I’ll let the video speak for itself (warning: bass solo ahead!) but I can say I highly recommend it and can’t wait to do another video to show it in combination with other pedals.

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