Looking Back: Nick Reinhart's Very First Appearance On Pedals And Effects

Today I wanted to take a look back at the very first time Nick was featured on Pedals And Effects! Nick dropped by and gave us a rundown of his massive pedalboard(s), but it quickly became the start of our partnership. Nick has since been my partner in crime and frequent collaborator with the site, so I wanted to commemorate our partnership by looking back at the start:

I had first heard of, and quickly became a fan of Nick Reinhart a few years ago when he was playing in Bygones with Zach Hill.  I’d hear from other musicians, such as Jonathan Hishcke, that Zach was playing with a whiz kid who had a deeper understanding of pedals than most guitarists and an unquestionable talent to incorporate them in a wildly progressive/punk style.

Nick is without a doubt a pioneer of his craft.  He has so much to offer that we ended up shooting over two hours of video.  He was doing some pretty insane pedal dancing while sampling and creating beautifully musical soundscapes. We shot so much footage of Nick's first time at 5starr Sound Labs that it quickly became a 4 part video series here on Pedals And Effects. For the first installment, I thought we should focus on what he does better than just about any guitarist out there: Creating intricate sound layering through sampling on his Line 6 DL-4 

Many a thanks goes out to Nick and his band Tera Melos, who are currently in the middle of writing their new record.  Go see this genius!

There's so much to learn from Nick, you can get your own Line 6 DL4 at Reverb and dive in!