Interview: Justin Pearson of The Locust, Head Wound City, Three One G Records

Hey guys! Jonathan Hischke here, Juan recently invited us all to his studio where we had the opportunity to sit down with good friend Justin Pearson, and talk music, gear, life etc. So for today, allow me to take the reins for Pedals And Effects as I introduce Justin Pearson. Justin Pearson (JP) has been a force in underground music for over 2 decades, forging a path through some unholy convergence of hardcore, experimental and noise music (in the most basic 'genre' terminology) while constantly pushing forward into new realms.

One of the most motivated people I've ever met, he is or has been a member of The Locust, Head Wound City, Retox, Swing Kids, All Leather, Bastard Noise, and Some Girls amongst many, many other bands and collaborations. He continues to be a champion (and community-builder) of all things uncompromising and left-field as evidenced by the artists he has supported via his own label Three One G (since 1994!) JP's latest creation is Dead Cross (featuring none other than the great Dave Lombardo on drums), and Head Wound City- including members of The Blood Brothers and Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs- just released a new album and are touring as well. 

JP with The Locust. Photo Credit:

JP with The Locust. Photo Credit:

One of the pleasures of my own life has been touring with bands, and the absolute highlight of this has been meeting so many incredible people who will be my life-long friends. In the early 2000s, while a member of the 'brutal prog' band The Flying Luttenbachers, we accepted an invitation to open for The Locust on a hot and humid summer tour through the all-ages punk venues of the southern, southwestern, and west coast states. So many ridiculous things occurred, it was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had, and it changed my life and future in countless ways. This led to many more Locust tours with various bands of mine lucky enough to be along for the ride (including the legendary Oops! Tour in 2002), and the Locust guys have been among my very favorite people ever since. 

I am grateful to Juan for inviting me to interview my old comrade, giving me the context to discuss in depth the nuts-and-bolts of a unique style and outlook with this actual maverick. Juan, Nick and myself had a very inspiring afternoon, and we hope you enjoy learning more about JP as much as we did. (This is just part one of the interview, stay tuned for more!)