Interview: Justin Pearson - Part 5

Hey everybody! Jonathan here for the final segment of our Justin Pearson series. Congratulations to you viewers for making it to #5! We had lot of fun doing the interview and we hope you enjoyed watching and getting some insight into Justin's whole thing.

Photo credit: Raquel Medina

Photo credit: Raquel Medina

This video is kind of feels like the "after party" segment...after checking out the badass musical approach JP has honed utilizing his equipment, I picked a few items from Juan's pedal collection that I thought JP might find clever: the Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander, the Loud Button WTF and the Mantic Conceptual Effects Flex Pro. After some experimentation we get Justin's take on these and then shift the conversation over to his dope Ampeg Dan Armstrong Plexi bass.

We can't thank Justin enough for making the time and effort to make this interview happen. It was a true pleasure. Here's to more in-depth Pedals And Effects interviews in the future! You can find out about JP and his musical goings-on at Three One G records.