Interview: Bassist and producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen

Justin Meldal-Johnsen has carved himself a very successful career in the music industry. Not only is he known for having played bass with Beck and Nine Inch Nails, but his talents are highly sought after for production. Justin has applied his talents to such acts such as M83, Paramore, Tegan and Sara, and many more. 

Photo credit: Palmer-Germany

Photo credit: Palmer-Germany

Justin has a very particular and unique take on effects pedals, so much so that he collaborated with Malekko in designing the Diabolik fuzz. Justin is an incredibly knowledgeable musician, and in this interview we cover everything from his start, effects, continually getting work in music, and having an ear for songwriting. With the longevity and variety Justin has displayed, this interview is a must watch for any musician wishing to gain insight into maintaining a successful and evolving career. 

We're so fortunate and grateful to all of our guests that give us their time for these interviews. Music can be such a volatile landscape, its great to have people like Justin to shed some insight on how to navigate this crazy industry.