Juliette Lewis Fall Tour Pedalboard

Having literally just arrived from the Warwick Bass camp in Germany, I'm already getting ready to hit the road again with Juliette Lewis. While I have some brief time back at home, I wanted to walk you guys through how I put together a road friendly pedalboard.

As you can expect there are a few Pedals And Effects favorites on here like the DOD Meatbox, Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter and Hummingbird, Mantic Vitriol and my handy dandy BOSS CS-2. I've got some more bus and airplane friendly pedals like a Guyatone envelope filter, MXR Submachine. Warwick also hooked me up with some of their awesome super flat patch cables, these cables are all high quality, retain that nice audio fidelity, and most importantly fit into tight spaces. Peep the video below and take a look at my exact real time thought process when I put together a board.

Every pedal mentioned and more, is available at Reverb.com!

I'll see you guys on the road!