Peter Hook & the Light Perform "Substance - The Albums of Joy Division & New Order"

Peter Hook was one of my absolute biggest influences when I first started playing bass. The bands that emerged from the 80's new wave scene had the biggest impact on me during my adolescent years. The sounds of Joy Division, New Order, Killing Joke, and U2 are permanently ingrained in my sound. It was such an honor to interview Peter Hook for Pedals And Effects, and now I am proud to announce Peter Hook and the Light's world tour!

Performing "Substance - The Albums of Joy Division & New Order" Peter Hook & The Light will perform a set that spans Peter Hook's entire career with Joy Division and New Order. The first leg of the tour kicks off tomorrow in New York and will see the band touring all over the country. I can't go to the Los Angeles date because I have a Deltron 3030 show that night but I am hoping to hit his soundcheck! You can check out the dates below:

Need some more convincing? You can check out "Ceremony" and "Love Will Tear Us Apart" live from their show at the Manchester Apollo right here. 

For true fans of Joy Division and New Order this will be a run you won't want to miss!