WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE: Introducing the Ottobit Jr. by Meris

Once every few years, a piece of gear will come on the market and set it on fire. Just when we think we've seen everything, a company that is new to the pedal game comes out with a stompbox PACKED with bit crushing, filtering, pitch sequencing, and stuttering capabilities coinciding with a digital brain that makes programming incredibly simple, and components that deliver the optimum fidelity. Ladies and gentlemen, that company is Meris, and this pedal is the OTTOBIT JR!

Photo credit: Meris

Photo credit: Meris

Our first impressions of the Ottobit Jr. were off the charts, and the more we dove into this pedal's ability, the more we got excited about the seemingly endless musical possibilities. Whether it's the 80's video-game-type sounds of the bit crusher, the Moog-esque filtering, or the sample rate knob's ability to dial in freaky futuristic assaults, the Ottobit Jr. inspired us to take our instruments to that other level!

Nick and I think you'll be as stoked on the Ottobit Jr. as we were. If you want to mangle your instrument's sound, sample and stutter your riff, or build a pitch sequence and control your filter sweep via an expression pedal - this pedal comes through with pure innovation PLUS sharp design. And we rep this pedal hard since it is made in my hometown of Los Angeles!

Keep an eye out for it to be available for purchase from Meris very soon!