Demo: Earthquaker Devices Park Fuzz Sound

Here we go with a review of one of Earthquaker Devices hottest selling vintage fuzzes…(in conjunction with the resurrected Park Amplifiers), the Park Fuzz Sound. This fuzz pedal is a sure fire way to get a vintage fuzz sound, and it rules!

I remember seeing Park Amplifiers back in the day and though I never owned one, I could always remember loving their logo. Other than that, I never really thought too much about Park Amplifiers, nor did I realize that Jim Marshall of Marshall Amplifiers, had anything to do with Park. Jim had Park Amps running at the same time as Marshall Amps up until 1982. They made a famous fuzz over at Park and that fuzz was called the Park Fuzz Sound.

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb

Earthquaker Devices joined forces with the resurrected Park Amplifiers on this famous fuzz pedal and the result is an amazing re-issue of sorts. As Earthquaker Devices states, ‘”while the original deployed the aforementioned mystery cans, the new Park Fuzz Sound uses a different set of NOS germanium transistors, hand-selected for a tonal match. Indeed, when A/B’d with the original unit, the sounds were strikingly similar.” All I can say is that this Park Fuzz Sound is a balls out cool vintage sounding fuzz!

Staying true to vintage style, the Park Fuzz Sound has a treble/bass knob that if you turn it from 12 o’clock clockwise, it adds thicker tones, and counterclockwise, it gets brighter. It’s got your basic vintage style here and you get the cool Park logo painted on the box!

If you are looking to get some wild vintage fuzz tones, get this Park Fuzz Sound! THANK YOU TO MY MAN DAN ELKAN FOR THE RAD GUITAR PLAYING!