Compression for dummies. Understanding how to use compressors.

So a few weeks ago, Nick and I were in Germany for Guitcon (a convention of sorts where gear YouTubers met up to nerd out) and we were trying to find things we were really into, to report about for you all. Nick had this great idea to do a video with fellow attendee, Robert Keeley (of Keeley Electronics), about compressors. Nick is a self proclaimed compressor dummy who possesses little knowledge about compression, nor does he use one on his touring boards.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 8.19.41 PM.png

Nick's idea was to do a video with compressor genius, and incredibly articulate Robert Keeley on compressors and how they work. I have been using compressors for years, as do most bassists. I can explain in laymen's terms how they work for me, but Mr. Keeley deals the goods on exactly how they work, how to use them, the difference between compressor sustainers (my favorite) and compressor limiters. 

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I helped film this video, while Nick threw out the necessary questions to Robert on why compressors are such an anomaly to him, and many other musicians and how can he gain from using a compressor. Robert used two of his best compressors, the Tone Workstation and the Compressor Pro (my favorite!). Watch the video and get cleared up on compression!