12 Days of Pedals And Effects, Day 1: Red Panda Raster

The 12 Days of Pedals and Effects is open to everyone WORLDWIDE. However, neither Pedals and Effects, nor the sponsors are responsible for any lost or stolen items, nor anything held in customs of the country it ships to. 

The time has finally come, the 12 Days of Pedals and Effects! Starting today, for twelve days you'll have the opportunity to win some of the best gear around. You'll only have one day to enter for each day, so set your alarms, grab that cup of coffee, and get ready! Be sure to check back here at Pedals And Effects because we're giving away gear every day, starting right now!

On the first day of Pedals and Effects you have the chance to win...a Red Panda Raster pitch shifting delay!

Photo credit: Red Panda

Photo credit: Red Panda

The Raster is a digital delay with a pitch shifter integrated into the feedback loop. This feature allows you to achieve harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation and other walls of sound. If you want Kevin Shields meets the Fripp/Belew era King Crimson type sounds, look no further than the Raster. If you want some other sounds that may have jumped out of your Atari or Playstation, the Raster has that covered too.

How to win:

Entry may require you to Tweet or Like a sponsor's page or social media; please understand we want to give back to all of the great brands who make this site possible by exposing pedal lovers to all of the great gear they offer. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

Just click on the link below, follow the instructions and you’ll be entered!