Jonas Hellborg Custom Warwick Bass

While at GuitCon, Juan got a chance to play a prototype Warwick Jonas Hellborg custom bass. Jonas is an accomplished bassist, having played with everyone from John McLaughlin, Shawn Lane, Public Image Ltd., and Buckethead. A partnership between an awesome bassist like Jonas and an awesome company like Warwick was inevitable!

Photo credit: Warwick

Photo credit: Warwick

The Jonas Hellborg bass came about with Jonas wanting a solid body bass. He had been playing hollow body basses, but the feedback was too much, so in part with Warwick they came up with a solid body design. This prototype bass is HEAVY, it is completely solid wood. The pickups are specially designed with only having 21 windings, so it is very low output, but the articulation you get from these pickups is unlike anything else, super responsive to your playing and dynamics. Juan takes the prototype bass for a spin through the Hellborg designed preamp! 

Many thanks to Warwick for hosting us! There's a bonus bass at the end of the video too!