Demo: DOD Phasor/201 + Overdrive Preamp/250

Pedals And Effects had previously covered the reissued DOD Overdrive Preamp/250 in the first Overdrive Wars, but why not show what both newly reissued DOD pedals sound like together? The Phasor/201 is as spot on as the Overdrive, and I can tell you right now: for the price, you should really consider both of them for your pedalboard.

Photo credit: Digitech

Photo credit: Digitech

I really fell in love with the Overdrive Preamp/250 as soon as I heard it in our Overdrive Wars, and I knew the Phasor/201 was going to sound awesome too. I love the simplicity of its single knob (which controls both the speed and the depth), along with its strong construction and compact size.

Any the DOD reissues (including the Meatbox) are worth checking out. Digitech's DOD reissues are very faithful to the originals, and in some cases are even better than the original. Whether new or old, you can't go wrong with DOD!