Throwback Thursday: The Very First Pedals And Effects Interview

Every year in January a bunch of awesome musicians, engineers, and builders come through LA for the NAMM show. When I first got Pedals And Effects started, I decided to capitalize on that by getting my homies into 5Starr Sound Labs while they were in town for a feature or interview. Every single year we've got some great features and great interviews from awesome people all over the world!

Photo credit: Lindsey Best

Photo credit: Lindsey Best

Way back in January of 2012, I got to interview some great pedal builders after NAMM. This was one of the first, if not the first interview I did for Pedals And Effects. Look at how empty the studio is! I had William from WMD come through and he gave us a walk through on the Geiger Counter Bit Crusher. I have used this pedal on recordings and live and to this day, it always makes heads turn. There is nothing that sounds like it. It is a pedal you can use on any instrument or drum tracks or anything that needs crushing.

Pedals And Effects has come such a long way since 2012 and we're super grateful for all of your support over the years. Even though I'm in Europe, Pedals And Effects is always on my mind and the best is yet to come!