Show Me Your Pedalboard: Eric

Today's Show Me Your Pedalboard entry comes from Eric from Dallas, Texas. Eric's board is a who's who of Pedals And Effects favorites! I had to do a double take of his board because I thought I was looking at mine for a second. Eric's rocking some of my favorite pedals from all eras of my career, it's like a Pedals And Effects greatest hits! The usual suspects are here plus some surprises, so let's dive in and see what's up with Eric's board:

First things first, from Eric's bass we got the reliable BOSS TU-3 tuner, into my all time favorite the BOSS CS-2 compressor. If you can find one the CS-2 can level things out, make your harmonics pop and add sustain, it's an absolute mainstay of mine. From the CS-2 we jump to the other side of the board to the Way Huge Pork Loin overdrive. We jump back to the BOSS OC-2 Octave (another career mainstay) followed by a vintage BOSS CE-2. These guys have always been interesting, you can get some great textured sounds out of them but I honestly can't say I've seen a consistent price for them. Even today I see them as cheap as 75 and as pricey as 200, they do have the Waza Craft reissue out now though. It's pretty polarizing, you either like it or you don't, I've definitely seen people do some really cool things with them. 

Things move into the low end with Eric's board, we got the MXR Sub machine followed by the Digitech Bass Whammy. You're definitely gonna shake some stomachs with those guys! Love the Bass Whammy for the 10th harmony, exclusive to that Whammy specifically. Up next is one of my favorite Red Panda pedals, the Raster pitch shifter/delay. You want to get experimental? Get the Raster. Eric's board ends in the DOD Meatbox reissue to rattle some subs and the BOSS PN-2 Tremolo/Pan for that chopped up rhythmic tremolo. 

Photo credit: Digitech

Photo credit: Digitech

Lot's of cool stuff on here Eric (definitely flattered). You've got a very well built board, shouts out to the reading light! One thing I'll say is to consider rearranging your board, keep the low end stuff all together, move the Whammy up closer to the OC-2 (or keep it with the other sub stuff), move the overdrive after the octave stuff. I know for the sake of space that could be difficult but those are just my thoughts. The inclusion of the BOSS CE-2 makes the board your own, definitely consider a phaser, a dedicated fuzz and maybe a reverb too.

Thanks Eric, for sending in your board, thanks so much for continuing to support Pedals And Effects. You guys are the reason I do what I do. Send in your board to and it could end up right here!