Demo: Mantic Proverb

It’s always a special occasion when I get a builder in to 5starr SoundLabs to show us their pedals. For today’s episode, we were lucky enough to host one of Mantic Conceptual’s designers, C. FreddIE! Even though Luis from Mantic was in the room, C. FreddIE decided to handle the explanations post 2015 NAMM, so his voice is very low volume (all you do at NAMM is talk…you don’t really play much).

You might have heard of C. FreddIE from his Moog Circuit Bending contest entry where his synthesizer helmet came in 2nd place (Luis won first place the year before)! Us in Deltron 3030 were lucky enough to see it first hand when we played the Denver area last year. Here is Kid Koala getting ready to perform with it.

Today’s featured pedal review by the guys at Mantic Conceptual is their Proverb reverb. The main attraction of the Proverb is the self oscillation capability, as well as, the deep spring reverb sounds. Mantic’s pedals have a great aesthetic and also always have great sturdy builds that can easily withstand an airplane running over it.

Here are these amazing dudes with the beautiful Ikey Owens as they interview him before a Jack White soundcheck. Ikey always had some Mantic gear on hand and was always happy to demonstrate their capabilities. The Mantic dudes were very close to Ikey and built the awesome Isaiah delay that he helped them design.