Demo: Earthquaker Devices Erupter Fuzz!

We always get excited when we catch wind that Jamie Stillman, top dog from Earthquaker Devicesis working on a new pedal. The intensity around here went through the roof when we heard that the "ultimate fuzz" would be coming from them. The time is now and here it is, The Erupter! No need to dime this fuzz because Jamie did it for you. You can't put this pedal on blast because it comes, out of the box, on blast when the solo knob at twelve o'clock!

The Erupter aka the ultimate fuzz!

The Erupter aka the ultimate fuzz!

The one knob fuzz concept is not at all entirely new, but what is revolutionary about the Erupter is what that knob actually does. The knob, at twelve o'clock, is designed to be this fuzz's default "completely turned up" setting. What happens when you turn the knob is what makes this fuzz stand alone from all other fuzzes. 

The Erupter's knob, set at twelve, will give you that perfectly biased fuzz sound, but as you turn the knob in either direction, the bias changes. Turn the “bias” control clockwise and the bias is increased, adding additional harmonics on top of the input signal. This cleans up the fuzz a little but produces tighter response. As I heard it, it gives a more focused/throaty fuzz sound with increased output and longer sustain. Turn the knob counter clockwise, and you get that battery starved tone that sounds gated, mushy and lo-fi.

Two intense years went into the design of the Erupter and Jamie was determined to get a fuzz that is in his words, is the "ultimate classic fuzz tone with a big low end (but not too mushy), a biting top end without being too harsh, and just enough output to politely send a tube amp over the top." He also wanted this fuzz to sound crushing on bass and guitar, which in classic Pedals And Effects fashion, we prove in our video.

The Erupter by Earthquaker Devices does a really good job at cleaning up while retaining more low end which is rare in most fuzz pedal. (We didn't get to do this in the video, but try a wah in front of it, sounds pretty cool!)