Reverb Wars: Digitech, Mantic and Earthquaker Devices

Here we go with another war series Unlike other wars we have waged on Pedals And Effects, "Reverb Wars" is almost like the war that ends in great public relations (if there ever was one) because they all sound so beautifully together. The Digitech PolaraMantic Proverb and the Earthquaker Devices Levitation decided that joining forces is much better than war, and if you watch this here video, you will see exactly what we mean.

Nick Reinhart joins me on guitar and we go through some settings on each reverb device. The Polara is the most radical with its numerous knobs pulling in a lot of reverb-esque tonal layers. The Mantic Proverb has the ever exciting, self oscillation that we tend to like here on Pedals And Effects and we end with Earthquaker Devices Levitation for the uplifting textures.

In this war series, there is no winner but clearly a joining of forces for the most musical sounds of the video. On their own they all have their very cool abilities, but this episode ends in a tie because all three reverb units, played at once, offered the most unique sounding landscapes. We have never recommended buying all the units…we leave the decision up to you. But with all three units sounding so good and even cooler together, get all three and run these sounds we get at the end of the video!