How to not "bungle" your nice guitar and other tricks

Pedals And Effects coming at you with something a little different today. Today Nick wanted to impart some knowledge; some cheap tips and tricks for the regularly gigging musician. Also I hop on board and share some lifelong tips and tricks from the early Racer X days, when Paul Gilbert and were flat-out broke!

First things first, if you're playing shows night after night you gotta secure your instrument. Instead of going to Guitar Center and buying expensive strap-locks that bore into your guitar, there are far cheaper alternatives that also don't damage the wood. Nick goes to Home Depot and uses metal washers that he secures over the strap on top of the strap button. I've got a different approach, I just use Grolsch bottle caps! 

We also talk about angled cables vs. straight cables, I learn what "goatse" is and I take trip down Racer X memory lane. Peep the video, there's more to come!