Fuzz Wars: EHX Sovtek Big Muffs featuring Weezer's Scott Shriner

This shootout is as nerdy as it gets.  It starts with three bass players (Weezer’s Scott ShrinerJonathan Hischke and yours truly) in a room, talking about gear when they realize there are enough Sovtek fuzzes in their possesion to do a Fuzz Wars. High Fives ensue.

Sovtek fuzzes are legendary fuzz pedals made by a Russian company for Electro Harmonix. Sovtek started to make fuzzes in the early 1990’s and our personal favorites are the Russian ones that are called the “Civil War” and the “Tall Font” fuzzes. There is a very useful site on the web that includes lots of detail on the origin of the Electro Harmonix fuzzes- it’s called THE BIG MUFF PAGE.

In this video, fellow bassist and close friend Scott brought his two favorite Sovteks- the Tall Font and the Civil War fuzz pedals. I put up my two favorite Sovteks, my number one Tall Font that I have owned since the early 90’s, and my backup Tall Font for my main one.  We played and talked a lot about our experiences with these particular fuzz pedals so check it out; there’s also a lot more info out there on the internet if you’re interested.

I hope we can start a discussion here on Pedals And Effects that can enlighten all of us to history and mysteries behind this rare and sought after fuzz box.