Dwarfcraft Devices: Grazer

After returning from tour, Nick and I are back with a fresh, new Pedals and Effects video! Taking center stage today is the Dwarfcraft Devices Grazer granular delay. 

Photo credit: Reverb

Photo credit: Reverb

So you may be thinking, "guys, what exactly is a granular delay?" To our knowledge, a granular delay functions like a delay pedal, however, the difference in the repeats is that they are actually micro sampled versions of the original signal (hence granular). So taking these "grains", effects like the Grazer can then pitch the sample up or down, or reverse it. As you can imagine, you can get some really wild, out-there sounds compared to your typical delay! If you want the engineering/scientist details, definitely hit up Ben at Dwarfcraft and he can fill you in. 

The Grazer is such a fun pedal, it's definitely not utilitarian but one of those fun, weird effects. The Grazer of course changes how you play, as you are playing to the pedal, and those are the best kind of effects. Let Nick welcome you back to Pedals and Effects with the Dwarfcraft Devices Grazer. (Shout out to his Courtney Love Squier!)