The World's Strangest Weirdest Guitar with Spencer Seim

If you're playing in a band that's as innovative and out there as Hella, you're going to need a guitar that's equally as crazy! Picking up where we left off last week with Spencer, we take a look at what might be the world's weirdest, strangest, guitar. Plenty of knobs, switches and even a built in egg shaker? Spencer takes us through his history with the instrument and more.

Photo credit: Scott French

Photo credit: Scott French

The green guitar you're looking at is a Scott French custom. This has been Spencer's longtime workhorse. There are a billion things that make this guitar unique, neck through, no truss rod, an unusual scale length (for guitars), a pickup for each individual string, a microphone, a built in egg shaker, and even pieces of Spencer's beard hair are in this guitar! Spencer was at the cutting edge, in an era before boutique instruments and effects really caught on! 

We put together a rig that takes full advantage of the six individual outputs per string. One pedal, and one amp per string. This needs to be heard to be believed! Watch Spencer take us through his guitar rig and listen to us geek out.