Rainger FX: Reverb-X

Mad scientist David Rainger of Rainger FX is consistently conjuring up crazy cool monstrosities in his laboratory. Whenever we catch wind of something new from Rainger FX, we do our best to keep our eyes peeled. Previously we've rocked their Dr. Freakenstein fuzz on Fuzz Wars and we got to play around with the incredibly unique Deep Space Pulsar side-chaining pedal too. We missed out on NAMM this past year because we were on tour, but we definitely weren't going to miss out on Rainger FX's newest pedal, the Reverb-X. 

Photo credit: Rainger FX

Photo credit: Rainger FX

Now, we know what you must be thinking, "another reverb?" well this isn't your typical reverb pedal, its a GATED reverb! A little history, back during our "Top Ten Pedals of 2016" video Nick was playing through the Earthquaker Devices Transmisser (the first EQD pedal to have a soft switch) and it was through his playing that David got the idea to make the Reverb-X. What Nick was doing, was turning the reverb on and off and the pedal was latching onto the previous reverb trails. 

"Gated reverb" in practice is a recording/engineering technique that was used in the 80's to make drums punchier. This pedal at its core, makes what your playing pop out more via reverb trails and hard signal cuts. It's a little difficult to explain in writing, it needs to be heard to be believed. You can also dial in your standard reverb, but if you want something unique and want to stand out the gated feature is what you want! Also, each Rainger FX pedal comes with "Igor," Rainger's signature low real estate expression pedal. 

It's super cool to see really unique things done with effects pedals. It's why we love them in the first place! Great to see new ambitions, and originality to this very day in pedals. Don't sleep on Rainger FX!