Orange: Getaway Driver

Orange, known primarily for their quality amps have now thrown their hat in the effects pedal ring! Orange rolled out a line of pedals that serve as effects pedal sized components of their famous British amp sound. The line includes an, EQ, Compression, Buffer, Clean Boost, Fuzz and Overdrive. Today Nick and I are taking a look at the brand spankin' new "Getaway Driver" overdrive pedal (get it?). 

Photo credit: zZounds

Photo credit: zZounds

The Getaway Driver is a pretty simple, bare bones, no BS pedal, you know what you're getting. Just three knobs, Volume, Tone (Bite) and Gain, no need to overthink it, just let it rip. The Getaway Driver is just as much an overdrive pedal as it is an "amp in a box" use it on a clean channel and it's instant Orange! Works great as a "third channel" for all of you using two channel amps. The Getaway Driver also includes a headphone jack for all you that want to practice but not have the walls shake. 

On bass its throaty, grimey, and articulate. You can bring in a decent amount of low end and darkness when dialed in accordingly. On guitar it's rich, saturated, and has got that classic vintage British distortion sound. 

We've never done anything by Orange before on Pedals and Effects, this is a first for us but we know this won't be the last. Looking forward to what they come out with next!