Meris: Hedra

Pedals and Effects coming at you with an exclusive first look at the Hedra from the masterminds at Meris! The Hedra is an “intelligent” pitch shifter, where you can hard set the key and scale and effectively transpose for your instrument. Auto-tune for guitar/bass? It’s exactly what it sounds like, and the Hedra is capable of that, and so much more.

Photo credit: Meris

Photo credit: Meris

The Hedra is everything you could want from a pitch shifter, brought into 2019. You’ve got harmonizing, tap tempo, swells, and a delay! With three unique voice controls, theory geeks can harmonize any scale/mode, and with the delay you can set how in unison, or out of unison you want the harmonies. The Micro Tune function can get wild whammy like slides, but it also can force transpose your instrument. No wrong notes, hard tuning, with impeccable tracking. With the right delay and pitch setting you can play perfect sweep arpeggios. The portamento setting can get you whammy like sweeps.

What’s crazier, is that the Hedra has alternate functions for each of its knobs. The Pitch/Voice controls double as “Time Division” settings where you can set the time/delay for the introduction of each voice. The tap tempo has the alternate function of half speed/half time delay (think DL-4). The Hedra can make you sound like lasers, synths, cellos and even the whole orchestra!

Meris left a huge impression in the pedal world with the Enzo, and the Hedra is no different it is blowing us away. This is the pedal for crazy effects tweakers like us. There’s so much to dive into, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of what the Hedra is capable of. But most importantly, this pedal is musical, it will change how you approach your playing and you will become a better musician because of it. All hail the Meris Hedra!