Announcement: The DOD Meatbox is Back!

Pedals And Effects 3rd year anniversary week starts off with a bang with the announcement of the return of the DOD MEATBOX!

Anyone who has followed my career knows that there is a sub pedal made by DOD called the Meatbox that has lived on my pedalboard since one of my favorite bassists, Jonathan Hischke, gave me my first one back in 2005 on the Mars Volta/Hella/System Of A Down Tour. This pedal was discontinued but Jonathan bought a bunch of them because he knew how powerful they were for bassists and back then, they were $30.00-$60.00 used. Jonathan blames me for the quick price increase, (where I have seen Meatbox’s go for $300.00+) after my Premier Guitar Rig Rundown episode where I call the Meatbox a “speaker popper” and “when it hits those subs out there, it rattles everything on stage.” Those words right there influenced bass players to jump on the Meatbox, no matter what the price.

But I am here to say that the MEATBOX IS BACK! DOD’s Tom Cram sent me their prototype MEATBOX SUBSYNTH and I did carefull A/B’ing at 5starr Sound Labs on my own and with Jonathan Hischke and Nick Reinhart there. We are all blown away with this new Meatbox. You can dial in the exact sound of the old Meatbox but it also has a little more in it for your stage rattling needs! Even has the fly on it!

Here is just a short blast comparison (A full review will be coming soon via Pedals And Effects) but start saving your money for the new DOD MEATBOX SUBSYNTH…though you won’t have to save as much as you would for the original, I am told! The MEATBOX SUBSYNTH should be available in the summer!

Here is a pic of the settings I used in the video. I always crank all the knobs on my original DOD Meatbox to get the sound I like. The settings on the reissue Meatbox SUBSYNTH gets you that exact sound and then there room for more earthquaking. And the camera vibrations were courtesy of the Meatboxes’ sound waves!

From Tom at Digitech: “I’ve gotten some complaints that I eliminated the dry out on the new Meatbox. I haven’t, the output is TRS:

Tip = Octave+Sub,
Ring = Dry
Sleeve = Ground”