Pedal Review: Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude Analog Delay

Fans of PedalsAndEffects know I am a big supporter and user of Fairfield Circuitry pedals. I have reviewed their Randy’s Revenge Ring Modulator and put their Four Eyes Fuzz in a Fuzz Wars and now they return with the Meet Maude Analog Delay. Of course this is no ordinary delay pedal and in typical Fairfield Circuitry fashion, Meet Maude has it’s own unique sound that makes it stand out from other delay pedals.

Fairfield Circuitry set out to make an analog delay pedal that was darker and more tape sounding than the other analog delays out there. With that in mind, there is a compression circuit built inside Meet Maude to help it get that tape compression sound. When you hear this delay, you can hear the tape trails in the repeats that sound like “a reel-to-reel motor spinning not quite perfectly.”

After shooting this video, I really could have spent more time showing the wild modulation you can produce with the Meet Maude but I highly recommend you check out the sound samples on the Fairfield Circuitry website. Or you can check out my interview with the creator of Meet Maude that I did earlier this year! This is an analog delay that was not just made for bass/guitar! I highly recommend it on drums and vocals!!!