Demo: The Big Distortion Sound Machine by Devi Ever

Here we go with one of the heaviest pedals I've reviewed in a while! The Big Distortion Sound Machine by Devi Ever FX! What makes this pedal so over the top is the Big Distortion Sound Machine's ability to send one input to not one but two distortion circuits! Check out the wild square wave sounds in this video review!

Photo credit: Rogue Guitar Shop

Photo credit: Rogue Guitar Shop

The Big Distortion Sound Machine got fans of Pedals And Effects excited when I posted an Instagram videothat small amount of time was enough to get people curious and excited. I was so blown away by its hugeness that I started adding beats to the riffs I was coming up with on my first day with it. I love how you can get giant blown out distortion but still have the definition intact. You can't go wrong with those cat graphics either!

I swear this is one track of bass. Has more low end than any. Put a drum reference so you could here the loop.

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What goes into the Big Distortion Sound Machine is Devi Ever's The Ruiner and Torn's Peaker circuits and combining these two really gets speakers going. What I don't show in the video here is running the two separate outputs into their own amplifiers, but that doesn't mean you can't! Unfortunately, the best place to get this pedal these days seems to be online. Check craigslist, eBay and Reverb so keep your eyes peeled. You can always of course hit up Devi Ever (now under original management) and see what's up!