Demo: Wood Cutter by Big Ear

I have owned several Rat distortions by ProCo including the famed ProCo Rat LM308 model, but I will tell you that Big Ear's Wood Cutter smokes them all. I always found the Rats to be bottomless and noisy, sometimes with no clarity, or unusable high mids for bass. If you have ever had a love for distortion but were never truly satisfied with your Rat, look no further. 

When I was in Distortion Felix in the 90's, Manny the guitarist had a few great Rats that he kept for himself. (Manny used to deal in used/vintage pedals). We would use them on records but they never made it to gigs. I found the weak low end, noise and undefined tone to be useless live, on bass. Some time later I was fortunate enough to have a Sovtek fuzz given to me and I haven't looked back, I never used anything else in that band and beyond. 

The Wood Cutter by Big Ear is the perfect Rat style pedal. It has great low end, clarity, definition and yes, it is quiet! No more annoying hiss, and to add to all that, it's real estate friendly and looks way tighter! If you love Rat distortions, try this out! You will sell your old Rats on eBay and make loot!