Headed to Mexico

I have had an unexpectedly busy but rewarding 2016, and the work continues with a trek to Mexico for Earthquaker Devices! Earthquaker Devices asked me if I would be interested in doing three clinics at the prestigious Guitar Gear stores in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. I, of course, love doing anything and everything Mexico so here I come!

I plan on bringing some awesome Earthquaker Devices pedals, and my 1970 Fender Precision fretless with me. Usually my clinics are me playing and explaining what I do, but since my Spanish so bad, I think there will be more playing and less talking!  

The last time I did anything like this was for the amazing school in Mexico City/Guadalajara called Fermata. I essentially did one my pedal clinics but this time, I am coming with so much more sonic reinforcement. 

Please join me in one of these three cities! Tuesday, October 25th at Monterrey's Guitar Gear store, Wednesday, October 26th at Guadalajara's Guitar Gear store or Thursday, October 27th at Mexico City's Guitar Gear store!